Questions & Answers is an international individual  online shop where you can buy and download cheap software online. We offer software for business and private users as download products from Microsoft Officiel website with original License Keys in many different countries and, also focus on providing low prices for all our customers. is based in USA, 

The easiest and fastest way to buy new software is via download. Sending software in the form of CDs, DVDs or other data media dates back to the last century, it is slow, lengthy and inefficient.

With us you can directly buy the software online, download and the appropriate product key will be sent to you within a very short time by e-mail. After entering your product key, your software is ready for use. The entire buying process until you can use the software is completed in minutes. To ensure that your purchase process is ultra-secure, the entire order process is SSL-encrypted. accept paypal payment or debit or credit card all of this powerd by paypal payment company it’s self so dont worry your personal information are secure

Unlike the classic software purchase, where you are then left alone with your CD or DVD and have to solve problems yourself, we have a dedicated support team for all questions and problems.

You can reach our support in several ways:

via Email

or directly via whatsapp live chat.

We’ll also help you anytime if you have a problem installing your programs or if you do not know what to do next.