Microsoft SQL Server 2019 — 1-User CAL Product Key

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Microsoft SQL Server 2019 — 1-User CAL Product Key for managing your data

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 — 1-User CAL Product Key


The basis for a targeted decision-making process in a company is well-prepared and accurate information about business processes. Microsoft’s SQL Server database system helps you with this and not only enables you to store large amounts of data in a targeted manner. Also, these can be manufactured for many different purposes. This leads to particularly efficient knowledge acquisition. You can also use SQL Server to control access to the database. This contributes to a high level of security. Thanks to the intelligent management of access rights, the software continues to guarantee smooth operation.

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 — 1-User CAL Product Key new functions for your database system

In November 2019, the latest version of this software was released: Microsoft SQL Server 2019 — 1-User CAL Product Key. Microsoft’s developers have implemented many new features to make the database even better suited to the needs of a modern company. An important aspect is, for example, support for big data clusters. This way you can also process big data in your database. The In-memory Database is also new. This ensures particularly memory-efficient management of the data and thus excellent performance. Also, Microsoft has further improved the encryption of the data to better protect it. Several other innovations lead to new functionalities, increased security, and better performance.

Different license models for the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 — 1-User CAL Product Key

To use Microsoft’s new Microsoft SQL Server 2019 — 1-User CAL Product Key, you must purchase a license to use it. You can choose between two different models. The traditional licensing model is to determine the number of servers. You must purchase a license for each server on which the software runs. This is also necessary if it is a virtual server. In this case, a so-called Client Access License (CAL) is also required for each user. What exactly that is will be explained in the next section. The second option is to license each processor core. In this case, you do not need any further CALs. Due to the different possibilities, it is advisable to analyze the requirements in your company carefully and then choose a license model that brings the lowest possible costs.

CALs: Required for server licenses

If you choose to license by a server, you also need a license for each user. This is known as a Client Access License (CAL). To avoid breaches of the license terms, it is important to determine the number of users and purchase the licenses required for this in addition to the license for the actual software.

User CAL and Device CAL: your license options

When buying user licenses, there are two different options. You can either purchase a User CAL or a Device CAL. The first-mentioned offer is a license for a specific person – i.e. for one of your employees. This can then access the SQL Server with any device – for example with their computer at work, with a smartphone or with a tablet. This alternative is particularly useful when only a few people use the server, but they use different end devices for this. The second option is to license individual devices to access the server. This makes sense if you have installed individual workstations for access to the database in your company that is shared by several employees. Again, it is advisable to analyze the structures in your company before buying the licenses. If you carefully consider whether a user or device CALs are more suitable for your company, you can save a lot of money.

CALs for the different editions and versions

If you purchase licenses to access Microsoft’s SQL Server, you must also consider the edition. This software is available in different versions with different functions. The standard edition is particularly common. However, larger companies also frequently use Enterprise Edition. The access licenses are only valid if they refer to the correct edition. You must also note the software version. For example, if you purchase a CAL for SQL Server 2016, it does not entitle you to access version 2019.

Discover economical offers for user and device CALs for Microsoft SQL Server

If you would like to benefit from the great advantages of SQL Server without incurring excessive investment costs, the offers in our online shop could be of interest to you. Here we offer user and device CALs at particularly low prices. This is possible because we buy up unused licenses from other providers. We get these at a particularly affordable price. Nevertheless, this procedure is completely legal, so that you ensure legally secure licensing. Also, there is a very efficient administration. For example, we completely do without physical data carriers. Therefore, we do not have to maintain an expensive warehouse. All of these aspects mean that we can offer you high-quality software licenses at unbeatable prices.

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