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Microsoft Office 2019 Standard 1user Product Key

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Microsoft Office 2019 Standard 1user Product Key helps you to accomplish tasks in your office quickly and efficiently. An intuitive application counts just as much to the benefits as an appealing presentation. At you can now buy Office at a low price.

Microsoft Office 2019 Standard 1user Product Key : the latest version of Office

After several years of waiting, Microsoft launched its newest Office product in October 2018: Office 2019. This is the successor version of the Office 2016, which is still used by many companies. Therefore, the question now arises whether it is worthwhile to switch to Office 2019. For this, of course, a certain investment is necessary, but you also benefit from many new features. To find out whether the upgrade is worthwhile, here is an overview of the benefits of the new software.

What new features does Microsoft Office 2019 Standard 1user Product Key offer?

Microsoft is continuously improving its office software. Many new features are already known from the online version Office 365. However, if you’ve been using the desktop version of Office 2016 or even an older version of the software, you have not yet enjoyed these new features. Moving to Office 2019 Standard can therefore greatly enhance the convenience of editing your documents and the quality of the results.

The new graphics functions are particularly impressive. In Word, Excel or PowerPoint, you can now add interesting graphics effects with just a few clicks, making your presentations and documents even more appealing. Also, the integration of a translation program is very practical. When you set up documents for customers and business partners from abroad, you can translate individual words or complete sentences directly within the document. Creating mathematical formulas is not easy on the computer. But that changes with the support of the LaTeX syntax in Word. You can create mathematical equations and formulas instantaneously. Morph is the name of an extension that makes your PowerPoint lectures much more appealing. Animations, smooth transitions, and moving objects – all this is now easy to create with Morph. In addition, PowerPoint now offers the new zoom feature. This will make your presentation even more dynamic. If necessary, you can easily jump back to individual pictures or sections during the presentation in order to clarify the corresponding content.

Office 2019 or Office 365: What are the differences?

Office 2019 is the name of the desktop version of this software. You can download it and pay for the license only once. After that, you can use them unlimited. Office 365 is the subscription version of Microsoft Office. The functions are largely the same. However, you will have to pay a monthly or yearly fee. Once you stop paying, your license expires.

Microsoft Office 2019 Standard 1user Product Key compared to other versions

If you want to buy Office 2019, you have the choice of several different versions. All versions include the basic Office programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. The Professional, Standard, and Professional Plus versions also include the Publisher program. They also have the Access database software. Differences exist only in terms of equipment and the licensing system is also different. The Home & Business and Professional versions are available only as a stand-alone license. If, on the other hand, you want to equip your entire company, then it’s best to use the Standard or Professional Plus versions. These are also available as volume licenses.

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The product is a Digital Version so we will not send you any USB or DVD drive . we will send you your Order as a download link from microsoft officiel website and your product license key By your Email .

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Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 Product Key for Windows
Office Home Student 2016

Write documents, create spreadsheets or prepare presentations with Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 Product Key for Windows .

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