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Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student License Key


Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student License Key is a High Quality product digital license key Directly from Microsoft Brand and one time purchase for 1 pc ,

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Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student License Key: For everyday life, school or university!

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As a student, you can not get around in a university or a college without an office program.

Therefore, we offer from egodget.com the Microsoft Office Home & Student Package, which meets all the requirements a student may have an Office program. Whether you have a presentation, a term paper or the final master thesis, the Microsoft Office Home & Student Package is the perfect tool to take advantage of the latest features of Microsoft Office. Of course, Microsoft Office Home & Student is also suitable for students who need to create presentations, text, or spreadsheets for the classroom.

With these programs comes the Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student License Key package!

Follow-up programs are included in the Microsoft Office Home & Student package:


– Word 2016: Word processing


– Excel 2016: Spreadsheet


– PowerPoint 2016: Presentation


– OneNote 2016: Notepad


All applications come with the purchase of the Microsoft Office Home & Student package and you can save them directly to your computer and use them from anywhere. So it is not a problem in good weather to do the housework in the park with a laptop. Also, Microsoft is constantly offering new updates for Office 2016 Home & Student, so you’ll always be up to date!


All new features of Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student License Key at a glance!

Of course, the Microsoft Office Home & Student Package 2016 also has many new features to offer and other features that make working even easier and more efficient:


– The Office Home & Student 2016 software includes a “Tell-Me” search master so you can find features faster. Just enter a search term and you’ll get a list of suggestions.


– Photos, tables, lexicon entries or other information from the application can be searched and integrated on the internet, thanks to the “Insights” function.


– You can edit documents with your friends and experience in real-time. This can lead to better results in group work, for example. You can do this quickly and easily with Cloud OneDrive.


– The Office program Home & Student from Microsoft learns to do so. This means that Microsoft Office analyzes your way of working and helps you get things done faster. – With new wallpaper such as “Black Theme,” you can work longer on the screen, thanks to darker and more pleasant colors, without fatigue.


Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student License Key is optimized for Windows 10!

Microsoft Office 2016 and Windows 10 were optimally coordinated. So both programs are similar in design and operation. You can also access all files through mobile apps by connecting to the Windows Live account and OneDrive. This also allows you to edit the documents when you are traveling, for example, on the train. So you can edit anytime, anywhere from your documents in Office. If you do not have a Windows operating system we offer you Office programs for Mac-User at IT-Nerd24. If you have any further questions or suggestions, do not hesitate and ask us your question. We look forward to your request and answer it as soon as possible!

Why should you buy Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student License Key At egodget.com

– Genuine key from Microsoft

– Good price.

– Fast shipping.

– Enthusiastic customer support.

and finaly compare this product price between us and microsoft officiel website  ,so you realized that we are the best in the pricing, then what are you waiting for ? buy Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student License Key Now !

 Please Note :

The product is a Digital Version so we will not send you any USB or DVD drive . we will send you your Order as a download link from microsoft officiel website and your product license key By your Email .

if you face any problem please  CONTACT US .


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